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Welcome to WINDSURF MALTA! All you ever need to know about windsurfing in the Maltese Islands is available on this one-stop site. This is purely an informational site only, offering local knowledge for anyone planning on a windsurf experience on this Mediterranean Island. We invite you to write to us for any particular question you may have. ''Sahha'' & see you on the water!
Malta's position in the Mediterranean makes it the ideal winter get-away destination for those cold, long winter months. Mild conditions grace this historic archipelago, creating an enjoyable experience for beginners & advanced sailors alike. It is advisable to bring your own equipment with you (especially between November - April) as most centers are closed during this season - the upside being that BEACHES are fully accessible for beach-launching and uncrowded relaxation for all the family. While the sea temperature remains warm, it is advisable to wear a long-sleeved wetsuit for your comfort, between December-March

Malta & Gozo enjoy North Westerlies are their prevailing winds. An occasional North Easterly (South Winds are more frequent in the summer months) spices up shore breaks, but more on where to windsurf from our 

By Air:
The Maltese Islands are a short average 2.5hour flight away from most European airports. 

By Sea:
Fast Catamaran (Passenger/Vehicle) from Sicily, Pozzallo & Catania with VIRTU FERRIES
Weekly Cargo, Passenger, Vehicle Ship from Genoa & Palermo with GOLLCHER

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      Carefully restored farmhouses in Gozo for Rent

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Surfing catches on in Malta 

Sailing attempt around Malta to break record

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